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EA Survey: Sexual Harassment Questions - Feedback Requested

Mate, she was already 2 days dead when you wrote this.

For a really good cognitive exercise in empathy, which is what Kathy was all about at the end of the day, go re-read all your communications with her in this context. It's literally the first thing I did when I heard, and my communications, arguments, debates, and love with her go back to 2001.

Then re-read her main article.

Then reiterate to yourself how "probably it is better to say more careful things" to a person who suicided and whose entire life work was literally her cry for help that the community she cared so much about did not seem to hear.

Then maybe ponder again the insular nature of this little community.

I only know of EA through Kathy. I do not know if you've read her 30-page suicide note; it is online now, so probably not too hard to do. I do know, however, that she intentionally died in a deliberate attempt to make people aware of something sick in society than goes FAR beyond this little self-important online subcultural ghetto. She was willing and ready to burn EA and this whole society to the ground if necessary to make things right. While the ethics and expediency of such an approach is certainly debatable at the very least, as her friend and former partner I will do everything I can do, until I die, to stoke the flames of the fires she was trying to light.

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth."