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To the rest of the forum: 

I strongly recommend people on the EA forum do not downvote outsiders, especially an actual WSJ journalist writing a story about EA, unless they actually post content that violate forum norms or rules.


I (very briefly) skimmed it and didn't see any major red flags. 

With less intensity, we should discourage the framing of "auditing" very established journalists for red flags, or create "whitelists" for such. There are situations this is valid (but not for the WSJ!). This is hard to calibrate and communicate.


Zooming out, there's a lot of say here about the voting and forum. There's this "beauty contest" that exists mainly inside the heads of a few on this forum. This behavior is entirely transparent and probably will backfire.

What is the view toward animal welfare of the Progress Studies movement? 

A large community of "near-EA" animal welfare people exist, but don't post on the forum as much as others. Note that this community has a mature, coordinated, cooperative outlook, different from some kinds of activism.