Yael Lechtchiner

Hospital Chaplain @ Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey
2 karmaJoined Working (6-15 years)Highland Park, NJ 08904, USA



"Let's hope and play with abandon as we're dying" -- Orthodox Jew and mother of four who escapes into Russian poetry, busy building and restoring trust for those near and far. I've been living "in between scripts" forging my own path through a life of trials and tribulations across cultures and continents. Besides being a  seasoned spiritual care provider my strengths lie in facilitating trust-building and transformative group experiences in diverse settings. Being a psychiatric survivor fuels my passion for both meaning-making and working for social change, and I'm currently active in the "rethinking psychiatry" movement.

How others can help me

I'm looking to use my skills and professional experience to have an impact beyond my current role in spiritual care/clinical chaplaincy. I'm especially interested in more effective ways to improve mental health for individuals and societies, as well as the intersections of spirituality and social justice.

How I can help others

Talk to me if you want to show up as your whole, vulnerable self and doubt you can trust the universe to support you in doing so.  Please reach out if you contemplate belonging, faith, or how our cultural lens informs what we believe is possible.


Thank you so much getting this volume published. Had a quick look on the Jewish view chapter and looks credible and comprehensive. Putting it on my reading list and will try to spread the word.

Great post, Lawrence, thanks for taking the time to elaborate on detailed hisotry of Quakers. I totally see all four parallels that you mentioned, and I'd like to raise the minority idea, fourth one. As someone who is fascinated by belongong and claiming authority as a minority group member I can't agree more -- this history lesson is crucial to study and apply to EA community building.

Thank you for this detailed post of an "insider". I'm fascinated by this suggestion that EA community can learn from Quakers and its achievements in effecting social change. And I agree that Quakers are poorly understood, and also relate to this idea that EAs are similar to Quakers in amnh ways.