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Would it be interesting to gather a representative sample of EA's personalities?

The ClearerThinking team has released a new tool: "The Ultimate Personality Test".

We believe it is important to understand diversity in EA across a variety of dimensions, why not this one?


Hi Darren - I do AI Safety community / movement building in Australia.

Firstly, congrats on the book!
Second, I think book giveaways are a great way to create engagement for Community Builders. I wonder if there is a way to buy in bulk and get your book at a discount? 

I hope you're doing ok Nathan. Happy to chat in DM's if you like ❤️

I think it would be great to have the option to listen to comments on the forum (i.e. audio comments).

The ea forum has some very long comments. Sometimes longer than the original post. This is a good thing, but for reasons I think are obvious (LMK if they aren't) I think it would be good to be able to listen to them.

I subscribe to naturalreaders.com (best $90 I ever spent FYI), and it plugs into the desktop version of chatGPT like the below. I am suggesting something similar for the forum.

Upvoting because the forum needs more sass / diversity in tone of voice.

Strong upvote because you are making important and clear arguments.

n = 1 but my wife has worked in non-EA non-profits her whole career, and this is pretty much true. Its mostly women earning poorly at the non-profit, while husbands makes bank at the big corporate.

Thanks but I wouldn't worry too much about that kinda stuff.

Does anyone know of a dedicated space where people in the EA / rationalist community can discuss parenting? For e.g. my daughter is 2YO and I'm wondering how much effort I should put into having her placed in a "Good" school. Discussions on this topic would be super valuable for me and I don't trust mainstream sources.

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