Movement Builder @ AI Safety ANZ, Head of Marketing @ Spark Wave


This is good feedback! I'll make it clearer that this is something to consider, not to do without consideration 👍

I suppose I consider this a test :) 

(obviously I don't mind my ideas not being refined before publishing)

Only done it once, didn't have it available. But believe you me, the day will come where I have an idea you like. You just wait.

I've not done it before, but if I was hiring and a strong candidate asked me to do it, I would!

Interesting. So you're saying you don't think it is true that you could ask your next prospective employer to do a task for you as part of the interview process? 

"employers have more power than employees" - I think what this is revealing is that I'm operating from a position of extreme priviledge, as I don't feel this way at all.

I agree. I just think there is some chance that AGI would wipe all of us out in an instant. And I don't trust humans to improve the lives of non human animals any time soon.

Answer by yanni15

The number of non-human animals being tortured is one reason. But that doesn't (yet) justify accelerating AGI.

I'd be very interested in why people don't like this idea!

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