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Thanks for your reply! I have been deep in trying to complete assignments. let me get back to you after this coming week or next! 


The quantitative proof can come from us after proper thorough research.  ;)

Hi! I agree very much with your post, and I am very interested in this problem. Agree with most of the things you've said in the context of EA principles, though not so much on the meat consumption front - I find it tenuous that a focus on the switch to alternatives to meat will significantly impact biodiversity loss, so long as factory farming and the institutions that perpetuate factory farming, continue to prosper. Aligned with this thinking if these two worked in tandem, it would be a more significant impact. 

I don't have the research on this - it's just a hypothesis for now, so can't share anything, but I would love to work on the issue. 

The other parts - I totally agree :)