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1a) Thanks for the Precipice link, i didn't know they quantified risks like this. 

1b) I've just received an e-mail response from admissions stating they have "expertise in digital public health, climate change and catastrophic risk modelling but we don not consider existential risk in the module....it could be suggested as a topic for your MSc dissertation". So +1 in regards to no content on weaponisation and conflict 

2) haha yes I'm sure I'll do many different things! 

3) Yes I applied for the Risk programme because there were only 5 days left and wanted to reduce future regret. I won't apply to many courses. Thanks for the suggestion in regards to writing a summary - sounds like a good idea! 

Thanks so much for this response! 

1) It does seem as though pandemics are now part of the agenda for the UCL course since 2020 (and climate change too) but you are right about it being focussed more on natural risks. I will e-mail/call their team to clarify about this and to also see if I can veer towards anthropogenic risks if I decide to take the programme.

2) I didn't know about the Kings College courses. It's great to know that this seems to be a recommended course by the community and I will look into it further. The Science and International Security Ma looks intriguing at first glance. 

3) Congrats in regards to the Comp Sci Msc. MathisKirkBonde ( see below) has also suggested the same graduate course as an option. I'm currently waiting to see if I was accepted into a coding bootcamp. If I like it then I will surely consider this as an option to pursue in the following academic year.