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Background: I'm a mid-career software engineer (17+ years) just starting a job hunt process, trying to transition into a role working directly on technical AI Safety.

I only recently started working with Yonatan, but he has already had a positive impact. The process to start working with him was incredibly easy. Just sign up on his calendar. No payments or application forms.  A call with Yonatan is efficient and gets through a lot of topics quickly. He's very direct and not afraid to ask pointed questions when needed. He kept great good notes during the meeting that were useful afterwards. He's spoken to hiring managers at some of the organizations I'd like to work for and was able to provide detailed information on what they're looking for. He gave me a lot of advice on what I should be focusing on in my interview preparation. Lastly, his suggested approach to resume-writing was much different than I'd seen in generic advice. I completely rewrote my resume from scratch using this advice and this version seems far superior.

I appreciate Yonatan's help and suggest that anyone even remotely interested should reach out for his assistance.