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Background: I'm 29 years old and I have 5 years of experience in a tech company. The benefits and pay there were amazing, and they were working for the greater good. I would have stayed if I had a choice but I was laid off due to covid. I now have two job offers. 

One company is an internationally recognised corporate company that matches my previous pay (6 figures) + benefits (wellness $, 13th month bonus, dental/vision/physical therapy/psychotherapy insurance). The role focuses on analysing consumerism behaviour in the media sector and providing recommendations/changes in product based on consumer feedback. If I join the company, I’ll get to work with people who have been in the industry for 15+ years and perhaps be able to transfer to different departments and move countries through the company. The experience and exposure will be great. 

The other is a local start up that just completed series B funding focused in health care - specifically geriatric care. I’m taking a huge pay cut (about 45% pay cut in total) and a benefit cut (none of the above insurance - only basic doctor’s visit reimbursement). I’m getting equity but not sure how much value I should put on that as they’re nowhere near thinking about IPO.

While I’m sure I’ll learn a lot by being in corporate, I’m just not passionate about being in a consumerism industry. The package and international name is extremely attractive though. I thought a bit about it and the training that I'll get in corporate as well as the exposure will be helpful for developing an analytical and strategic mindset. In the long run, perhaps this could help me live out effective altruism more effectively as I would have gained skills to do so. The startup aligns with my values as they are doing work to help their immediate community. I have great vibes from the office and my would-be team members and managers. I’ll have the chance to draw from my previous experience and build processes and workflows from scratch as well as help the company expand into other countries in Asia. More importantly, they’re trying to solve a problem in Asia as the aging population increases.

My concern is if I take the job at the startup, I will feel stagnant after I set up all the processes. For personal growth, perhaps taking the job at the international company would be more appropriate. Long term career planning is tough!

I'd love to hear thoughts from this group. Thank you!