Yufeng (Andy) Tao

Finance Associate @ Effective Ventures Operations
Working (0-5 years experience)
79Oxford, UKJoined Jan 2020


Andy is a finance associate at Effective Ventures Operations, analysing financial activities for organisations such as Centre for Effective Altruism, 80,000 Hours, Giving What We Can, EA Funds, and the Forethought Foundation. He has prior experience as a renewable energy data analyst at Bloomberg. Andy worked on community building in Hong Kong, co-founding the first EA Fellowship Program in Asia. He holds a BSc in Decision Analytics from the University of Hong Kong and also studied at UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, and University of Chicago.

How others can help me

Especially keen to talk to people in the operations management and community building fields.

How I can help others

Happy to talk about anything you may find useful according to my past experience: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyyufengtao/ 


This is amazing to see, George! As a local who needs to try very hard to find authentic juicy tofu in Yunnan, I can attest to how delicious it is and feel excited about the possibility of popularising it elsewhere!

As someone who had never been to the UK and moved to Oxford for the first time a month ago, I can testify that Trajan House made me immediately feel at home. Jonathan warmly reached out to me offering help on personal life ops things such as bank accounts, SIM cards, and accommodations. Working in the same office room with Jonathan, I have no doubt that he is a lovely person to work with and a great friend to know. I'd be excited to see the office reaching its next level and lots of impacts to follow!

Thank you Aadit for sharing your journey and plan here as well!

For the estimated number of EAs within companies, HIP would be a good next step to reach out to. It is possible that some companies were accidentally omitted in the process and great to know your enthusiasm on starting a workplace group! Looking forward to your future updates if you feel comfortable sharing :)

Hey Cristina, thanks so much for pointing these out! Fully agreed here and hope others won't go so far through a loss to realize these.
It was a life-changing experience working with you and Vaidehi. Both of you continue to inspire me more than you might think! Grateful to have known you :)