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I think the intent is great, but maybe if people find the forums so intimidating or unfriendly that they are reluctant or unwilling to post their ideas, there is a different problem that needs looking at?  

Obviously there is information overload in all of our lives, so a digest of draft posts could be helpful in getting eyes on those, but the mechanism for exploring those ideas may be more limited. 

Could you consider creating a permanent sub forum for idea development instead. One that is specifically for the submission of early ideas by those who are seeking editorial assistance or a sort of pre-screening from a friendly audience geared towards helpfulness , mentoring, or even just editorial support? This is an approach that is already used effectively in writing and storytelling sites. This forum could provide only notifications to those who sign up to provide support, but anyone could participate.

This could also provide a more permanent method for people to build reputation and ease into more full participation while also being more encouraging to the sharing of new ideas on a permanent basis. It feels like a way to provide a transition into the EA community without as much risk of alienating or having members not speak up. 

If someone has naive ideas and enthusiasm, an unfiltered takedown of that idea can permanently put them off or squelch their enthusiasm. Every one of us has had those ideas at some point (and probably still do, but hopefully we get better self-screening them as we get older). If they have an area where there is a tailored community to help them refine or kindly guide them to understanding why their idea may not work, you can cultivate them and help build excellence.

I would say regardless of the mechanism, it would be useful to provide a guide on some basic/minimum information that should be included to open discussion.