Zeraph (Ryan McPartlan)

CTO @ Autonico
2 karmaJoined May 2023Working (0-5 years)New York, NY, USA



Career: 3rd software engineer at Correlation One, ranked the #6 top startup of 2022 by linkedin, discord was #1. Ex-Google. CTO / CoFounder of Autonico. 

Cause areas: Particular interest in inspiring philosophy in younger generations, with the hope that they will go on to do more than I could on my own. To this end, I volunteer with the boy scouts and give talks and career advice to students at Manhattan College, my alma matter. 

Additionally, I am currently a pretty hardcore Capitalist. Developed nations seem to have preferable rates of malaria, hunger, education, and most other traits we value across the board. It seems that actions that improve the material conditions in other nations would likely dramatically improve their outcomes. 

How others can help me

Looking for opportunities to technically consult on startups, or to just talk to other founders and people from that world. 

How I can help others

Reach out if your curious about careers in software, especially startups. Or if you are interested in discussing anything I have written!