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Hope this finds you well and your doing great,as it's been awhile.just taught to notify you of an issue,which needs better view,as against the perception,many hold,as regards the issue of racism ,that have been affecting alot of people and it's ongoing, despite variations,in it's engagement. The importance of we humans, cannot be overemphasized,as the choice of coming into a particular tribe, color, religion,and other socio-economic standing's,happen as natural and simple,to all and sundry, without permission. which means, the same blood ,air, alongside other outcomes that flows for all,falls in place,with no boundaries,as nature has bestowed , upon delivery to any individual,asuch, why the hate,based on external appearance and make up,which comes naturally , thereby exhibiting displeasures ,which ushers in disservice to humanity. In the words of Luther king ,who stated he seek of a day,were people would be judged,by the content and capacity they wills,than the color of their skins, because,that only amounts to discrimination and segregation,which can be attributed to a word,Called Racism.As the spirit that binds us all as Humans,implore us,at all times,to reflect that , which aids making the world a better place,for you and for me,than engaging in prejudices, alongside other reasoning,that portrays superiority of one race over another,which have brought about genocide, mass killings and violent measures,which have negatively impacted humanity at large,as we seek to chatting a better direction, through unity and harnessing our diversity as strength.At this point, I seek to remind you,to say no to racism, as we seek our political, economic, social progress, in line with the spirit of humanity that binds us all, towards improving and having a better world.And am wishing you the very best,as I hope to see you soon.

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This section,gave me much insight about E.A as a beginner,which I really seek to gaining much insight about this project

A. In line with the goals and objectives of e.a, I feel contributing to the malaria consortium, Helen Keller international and the new incentive platforms, which all are geared towards charities in the world,with respect to various dimensions and aspects regarding people's health and advancement, would be of immense benefits and should be supported.

B. I would support the new incentive scheme, because of the large number of people,whom owing to religious, cultural and certain social factors,have been denied certain basic immunizations,which if they were given,would have saved them from certain disabilities and health defamatory state,they are currently managing.

C. Other aspects of my life,which I would work on,includes issues as regards climate change,which is already an existential crisis,as the data and other analytical outcomes, would I continually work, towards effectively and efficiently understanding,and using it's outcomes,with the aim of positively impacting our societies and the world at large.

Inequality is really a global and major issue,which economically spans across stratification and country based structures, depending on how it's been handled.As the issues regarding growth and development are very keen and cannot be overemphasized, my suggestion posits, reducing this inequality requires engaging local approaches,which are on developmental path ways,in relations to international measures, geared towards aligning and aiding improvement,for the lots of the populace,as I concur with the article,which stress a major issue regarding where a person is been born tends to matters,as against other personal variables,which might emanate,with respect to his or her subsequent life growth and development.

The importance of charities cannot be overemphasized,as this also needs to be channeled on basis were priority,so that , maximum impact and value could be attained,as against engaging on options,which might not aid the attainment of a higher level of utility

The human mindset,to a large extend is selfish ,as objectivity is really keen with respect to all we do, alongside, attaining better outcomes,than attaching sentiments,which really becloud our judgements. As such, defending when we are wrong, towards signifying we are right,should not be entertained,as this has and would derail the attainment of our good.

  1. I agree with the essence and future of artificial intelligence,which needs modifications towards efficiently serving and managing the excesses accruing from it's usage.
  2. I agree on looking onto issues ,surrounding factory farming,which needs to proper assessment and handling issues around it.
  3. I agree on , finding ways to improving decision making, in various ramifications. 4.finally ,I agree on values that unite effective altruism