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The FTX Future Fund applications are due byThe FTX Future Fund applications are due by Monday, March 21st and you can come craft your application with others this Sunday! You are also welcome to come and cowork on other EA-relevant projects and review others' grant applications.

Your idea does not have to be perfect. Think big because the minimum grant amount is $100K, and they really prefer to fund scalable projects. That said, they will fund smaller things, and if your idea doesn't have downside risk and requests less than $1M, they expect to respond within a week!

Read the FAQ here:

Not ready to found something? You can also express interest in joining another project or suggest an idea without committing to found it!

Gain an understanding of what kind of projects they are looking to fund at these links:
Definitely brainstorm your own longterm-relevant idea too though! I bet many of you have an idea that has been nagging you!

Ready to apply for funding, express interest, or suggest a project or research idea? The links for all those are here:
The grant application will take longer than you think (the application questions are great for refining your idea) so do scan it and get started ASAP.

See you Sunday! If you can't make it to this event, don't let that stop you from applying (and requesting feedback) in your own time!

Venue is Crescent Apartments. Message Ivy Mazzola to be let in. Drop in and out as needed!

Park at Thundercloud Subs or Bennu Coffee (signs imply towing but no one has had an issue after ~12 group meetups. YMMV).

We will vote on whether to work on the beautiful rooftop (see cover photo) or in the comfy studio apartment.

We will order dinner around 6 PM (free) and start dinner by 7. This will also be a good time to pass around your laptops and get feedback on what you've written so far.




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