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Help us convince the government to do better by animal welfare charities.
Our Speakers:
- Dr Bidda Jones from the Australian Alliance for Animals
- Greg Sadler from Effective Altruism Australia
The Current Situation:
Charities working to advocate for the welfare of animals or reduce catastrophic disaster risks can’t currently accept tax-deductible donations. This makes them less impactful. However, A once-in-a-generation review of Australia’s charity laws is happening! Our speakers will tell us how we can use our voices to help change charity laws for the better.
Schedule (to be finalised):
5:30pm - 6:15pm: Vegan food and socialising
6:15pm - 6:40pm: Effective Altruism Intro and Greg Sadler
6:40pm - 7:00pm: Dr Bidda Jones from Alliance for Animals
7:00pm - 8:00pm: Questions and submission preparation time
8:00pm - 8:30pm: Plant-based treats and socialising
More About Our Speakers:
Bidda is Director of Strategy for the Alliance for Animals. A zoologist trained in animal behaviour and welfare, Bidda previously spent 25 years with RSPCA Australia, most recently as their Chief Science and Strategy Officer. She has played an instrumental role in campaigns to end live exports and the use of battery cages for layer hens and represented the interests of animals on multiple government and industry committees. Bidda is also an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney’s School of Veterinary Science.
Greg is the Secretary of Effective Altruism Australia. Greg is also CEO of Good Ancestors Policy, which is developing and advocating for Australian-specific policies aimed at solving this century’s most challenging problems. Previously, Greg spent 15 years in the Australian Public Service, including at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Home Affairs, and the Attorney-General’s Department. Greg holds a BA/LLB(Hons) from ANU and majored in philosophy.




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