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EAGxNordics 2024 will take place April 26–28 (Friday-Sunday) in Copenhagen, Denmark, at CPH Conference (DGI Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København).

EAGxNordics’24 is an Effective Altruism conference organized especially for the Nordic and Baltic EA communities. It features networking, talks, and workshops, and is a great way to connect with people in the EA community, discover new opportunities, and learn more about the community, various projects, and cause areas.

See more details on the official page.


Apply now here!

Application deadline April 7th.

Who is the event for?

EAGxNordics’24 is primarily for people who are:

  • Familiar with the core ideas of effective altruism
  • Interested in learning more about what to do with these ideas
  • From the Nordic or Baltic countries, living there, or planning on moving there

If you want to attend but are unsure about whether to apply, please err on the side of applying!

Tickets and travel support

  • Normal ticket: 115 GBP (about 135 €, 1000 DK, 1500 NOK, 1500 SEK, 20 000 ISK)
  • Discounted ticket: 79 GBP
  • Student ticket/actively applying for jobs: 49 GBP
  • Benefactor/cost-covering ticket: 229 GBP

We will have a limited amount of funding available to support attendees with travel grants, which you can request while submitting your application. These will be restricted to attendees who cannot attend the event without support. Please only apply for a travel grant if you cannot attend without it. You can read more in our Travel Support Policy document.


EAGxNordics will begin Friday afternoon. Throughout Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy talks, workshops, meetups and more.

Some of our featured speakers and workshop leaders and their topics are:

  • Rika Gabriel from Charity Entrepreneurship on Impact-minded people and ambitious careers
  • Julia Wise from CEA on life choices and long-term impact
  • Emil Wasteson from EA Sweden on crafting a Theory of Change and monitoring and evaluating your impact

There will also be unofficial satellite events before, during, and after the conference, you can view an updating list here.




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