Lightning Talks


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Lightning Talks is a fortnightly event series where group members give an informal talk on a topic of their choosing. Every fortnight, two community members wow us with a 5-10 minute talk and followed by a discussion of the topic they've raised. It's very relaxed and lots of fun. Give a talk or just show up and listen, it's up to you!


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The talk can be about pretty much anything you like. You can explore something you don’t know much about (to help you get your head around it), provide a new angle on a topic you're quite familiar with or share something you're already an expert on - there really are no strict rules here!

If you're unsure what topic you'd like to tackle, feel free to give a talk using one of the below prompts:
- What are your biggest confusions for your career plans? Could you learn anything to help with that?
- Are there common ideas in EA that you disagree with, or don’t understand?
- Any ideas/fresh takes you want to present/get feedback on?
- Is there a concept/view you think more people should be aware of?
- What personal uncertainties do you have about cause areas, meta-EA stuff, etc.?
- Any topics you’re curious about, but never got round to digging into?
- Is there a possible Cause X you could dig into?
- Set a 5-minute timer, and list as many crazy talk ideas as you can. At the end, see if any are actually worth doing!

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