📚 Effective Altruism Virtual Programs will be hosting another round of virtual programs for 8 weeks, from March 13th to May 7th, with some exciting additions!

  • ⚖️ Legal Topics in EA Program acquaints law students, practitioners, and researchers with legal ideas and research topics related to key EA concepts.
  • The Introductory EA Program (🌟 now with Portuguese-speaking cohorts) aims to introduce the core ideas of effective altruism.
  • The In-Depth EA Program seeks to engage participants with more complex questions to help them figure out how they can make the most impact.
  • The Precipice Reading Group explores the science behind the existential risks we face.

📅 Register by Sunday, February 26th: https://efctv.org/virtual-programs

If you know anyone who might benefit from participating in any of these programs, please share this opportunity with them. If you have participated in any fellowships, programs, or reading groups before, and are looking for ways to contribute to the EA community, please apply to be a facilitator!

Getting more great facilitators allows us to accept more people into our program. You’re also likely to reinforce what you’ve learned previously by reengaging with the content as a facilitator.

📅 Apply to be a facilitator by Sunday, February 19th: https://cea.tfaforms.net/14