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Jen B

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¡Conoce a la comunidad del altruismo eficaz que habla español aquí en NY! Habrá una breve presentación en inglés a cargo de la invitada especial Sandra Malagón (Carreras con Impacto) y tiempo para conectarse y conocer a otras con comida.

Meet the Spanish-speaking community of Effective Altruism here in New York City! There will be a short presentation in English by special guest Sandra Malagón (Carreras con Impact) and time to connect and meet others over food.

Optional resources to check out:

Spanish-Speaking EA Community

Carreras con Impacto

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For those new to effective altruism, here are a couple of good introductions. In short, EA is about using evidence to carefully analyze how, given limited resources, we can help others the *most*.

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