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Join us for our discussion group this Tuesday at The Wharf! We've had a break for Easter but are back with our fortnightly discussion group. This week we will be discussing an article by Luisa Rodriguez from 80,000 hours on imposter syndrome.

"In a nutshell: I have imposter syndrome, and I suspect many other people trying to have a big impact with their career do, too. For a long time, imposter syndrome massively limited the impact of my career by causing me to rule out potentially impactful options and affecting my day-to-day job performance and satisfaction — but through talk therapy and other tools, I’ve mostly overcome it. If you think you might struggle with imposter syndrome, tackling it may be one of the most important forms of personal development you can do. It was for me."

Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there! Look for our 'EA Manchester' sign.




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