Is animal suffering okay? A Talk on Animal Welfare

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We continue to traverse the world and are compelled to make sense of conflicting narratives that ultimately shape our behavior, our culture, and our future. An adage in some nursery rhyme we may know too well reminds us that all things are bright and beautiful and that all things are wise and wonderful. We also know that what is fundamental in science is the interconnectedness of everything, and we might as well be too familiar with the counsel to “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but memories, and kill nothing but time”.

This world, they say, is never for humanity to reign domination over; so, how, then, do we reconcile wanting to effectively do good better when animals some hundred meters away from us suffer in silence out of human consequences? They, like us, have individual needs and rights that should also be dignified.

This November 27 at 3-5 PM, let us listen together over ideas on animal suffering, animal ethics, and opportunities and careers that allow you to maximize your energy and time in making a positive impact for animals, particularly farmed and wild animals that suffer more and are more neglected than companion animals.

This talk is organized by Effective Altruism UP Diliman (EA UPD). EA UPD is a student chapter of the EA global movement, which uses evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways of doing good.

This talk is open to ALL individuals.

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