Effektiv Altruism Icebreaker

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The host has requested RSVPs for this event

This event is open for everyone interested in EA and requires no prior knowledge. And feel free to join us if you belong to another local EA-group as well!

Icebreaker is a social networking platform that matches people 1-1 for speed networking. We will start with a brief introduction to using Icebreaker. We will then break out into 1 on 1 video chats with prompts for chats for 10 mins per session. In each session, you will receive cards with prompts for discussion. However, feel free to discuss whatever you like. The prompts are meant to serve as conversation starters.

Please read this before entering, so you know what's going on (especially if you arrive late!).
You will need a web browser, a webcam, and a Google Account.
You can participate in as many or as few games as you like and leave early/arrive late.
Technical: You will need your computer, and you will need to sign in with a Google account or create a Google account. You will need to give permissions for your audio and video.
You MUST join during the 10-second countdown for each round for random matching to occur.
There is question prompts on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the screen (it looks like a card) when you enter a game.
You will be able to keep in touch with your matches via the chat icon in the top right corner AFTER today's session is over (don't click before you're ready to leave, or you'll have to re-enter!).

The link to the event will be posted shortly before it starts

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