Effective Giving Day (Australasia)


Learn how to do the most good with your charitable donations, hear the latest updates from charity evaluators and expert grantmakers, and participate in a Q&A with experts in effective giving.

In this event we’ll cover:
- Why giving effectively matters
- How you can choose high impact causes and charities to support
- Updates from charity evaluators and grantmaking organisations
- Innovations in effective charitable giving
- Practical giving advice including tax deductibility for different countries and causes
- Being a part of a giving community

You will have the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A with a panel of experts in the field of effective giving, including:

- Andrew Player (Senior Operations Lead, Charity Entrepreneurship)
- Luke Freeman (Executive Director, Giving What We Can)

This event is great for both newcomers to effective giving and those who’ve already made effective giving a meaningful part of their lives.


Feel free to leave questions for the Q&A below as comments and we'll use them on the day!

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