[Update April 2022: You can find a short retrospective of the retreat here!]

[Update January 9th 2023: We are full! If you would like to be notified of future similar retreats, fill in your email here]

We are organizing an AI safety retreat near Berlin for 40-80 people based in Europe who work on AIS or intend to work on AIS. 

The retreat will be participant-driven: Participants will prepare sessions (for example, presentations about projects they worked on, discussions of research agendas, or work groups to solve a particular problem).


  • When? The retreat will start on March 30th (Thursday) evening and end on April 2nd (Sunday) at noon.
  • Where? In Berlin. The venue is ~2 hours from Berlin Airport with public transport (Map/Photos here). The default is multi-bed rooms, but we also have a limited number of single rooms.
  • Costs: We are funded by the long-term future fund, and there will be no participation costs. We also have a (limited) budget for travel reimbursements for those who need it.


Find more information and apply here. We will process your applications on a rolling basis. If you apply early, your chance of getting accepted is higher.

Looking forward!

Carolin Basilowski and Magdalena Wache 




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