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If you've never stepped inside a real research laboratory, this event is for you!

Join Cellular Agriculture Australia for a 2 hour online event at the University of Melbourne where you'll learn about the basics of cellular agriculture science. You'll also have the opportunity to go on a virtual tour inside a research laboratory where cellular agriculture scientists are working on producing sustainable meat. Registration essential.

This event will be recorded.

What is cellular agriculture?

Our global population is growing. Unfortunately, our land, water and energy resources aren't - and humans are currently eating more meat than our planet can afford.​​

Raising animals for food is resource intensive. The rise in global meat consumption has dire consequences for our agriculture industry, the environment, human health, biodiversity and animal welfare.

​Fortunately there is an effective way to solve this growing problem! We can farm meat directly from animal’s cells - not the animals themselves.

Cellular agriculture is a new research field and industry dedicated to producing meat, eggs, milk, and leather more sustainably and more ethically. Whether you’re concerned about climate change, passionate about animal welfare, or interested in improving human health, we can collectively transform our food system from farm to table.


Dr Bianca Lê (Executive Director of Cellular Agriculture Australia)

Dr Minh Ha (Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)

Cellular Agriculture Australia:

Cellular Agriculture Australia is a nonprofit organisation - we exist to bridge the gap between consumers (that's you!) and the food scientists working on sustainable food production technologies. Our work is powered by grants and philanthropy.

We are a nonprofit organisation with the mission of improving human health and building resilient food systems in Australia.

We do so by promoting and accelerating the development of healthy and sustainable animal proteins through research and development in cellular agriculture

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