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This is the updated event for EAGxPrague 2022.

It’s been five years since our last EAGxPrague conference, which helped launch the Czech EA community. A lot has changed in the last five years and we are thrilled to organize this conference again - bigger and better than before!


It’s been five years since our last EAGxPrague conference, which helped launch the Czech EA community. A lot has changed in the last five years and we are thrilled to organize this conference again— bigger and better than before!

The event will bring together over 500 members of the EA community to connect with each other, and to explore the best ways to improve the world. The conference takes place in Prague, which is arguably the most beautiful city in the world! If the conference is canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, you will get a full refund on your ticket.

EAGxPrague is organized by the Czech Association for Effective Altruism (CZEA) with the help of many volunteers from around the world!

Application and registration

Apply here!

Applications close on April 30th 2022 but we recommend that you apply soon to secure your place at the conference (tickets are limited).

Many of you have already applied to EAGxPrague last year, when the conference was rescheduled. At that time, it was the only EAGx in the world and one of the first conferences available to the community in the pandemic. Since there are now multiple EAGx conferences happening all over the world and since your preferences have likely changed since December, we are relaunching the application process and ask that everyone reapplies (you can use the data from your previous applications and update it to reflect any changes).

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone who was accepted last year will be accepted this year. This is because we ultimately accepted more people to the conference that we could host at any one time because of cancellations and replacements.

We are prepared to reimburse travel expenses for some attendees. Please do apply for support if the cost of attending feels a bit too high for your budget. You can apply for financial assistance for your travel expenses in the application form. For more information please check CEA’s FAQ page.

Conference schedule

The conference will start with an opening reception on the evening of Friday, May 13th. Saturday and Sunday will have full-day schedules with programming and social events happening in the evenings. Closing reception will wrap up on Sunday, at approximately 10pm.

The topics the conference will cover include:

  • Projects in global health and well-being
  • Challenges of EA localization - local prioritization and strategy, translating EA content, case studies of local group successes
  • Current trends in AI alignment and AI governance research
  • Efforts in public policy and politics - opportunities and risks
  • Lessons from COVID - COVID failure modes as ways to improve societal readiness for global catastrophic risks
  • Ways of improving rationality and epistemic standards
  • Projects promoting Animal Welfare
  • EA Entrepreneurship

Event formats will range from classical talks to discussions and hands-on workshops.

Conference venue

On Saturday and Sunday, the conference will take place at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University:

Faculty of Arts, Charles University J. Palach Square 1/2 116 38, Prague, Old Town Czech Republic

The Friday opening reception will be at a different location (to be confirmed soon).

Travel and accommodation

The conference officially starts on Friday, May 13 at 6 p.m. and finishes on Sunday, May 15 at 10 p.m. We encourage you to arrive a couple of days before or after for pre-meetings or to explore Prague. We will provide a coworking space during the day on Friday where you can set up meetings with attendees. You may also want to stay after the conference to explore Prague or have follow-up meetings. We will offer organized guided tours and social activities. There will also likely be optional EA community events - we will announce these soon!

There is no official hotel for the conference. If you are looking for a cheap accommodation nearby the venue, we recommend the Franz Kafka Hostel.


Here is our current COVID-19 policy. We will send a note to all registered attendees in case of any substantial changes.

The most relevant point of the policy is that all attendees will provide proof of a completed course of COVID-19 vaccinations and take a lateral flow test within the 48 hours before they arrive at the venue. We will be requiring that all our participants are vaccinated at the time of the event (booster dose is not required).


We are looking for volunteers who can help us with the event during the weekend. We offer a wide variety of opportunities and flexible time commitment. You get to be part of an awesome team making the event run smoothly and having a positive impact on the attendee experience!

If you would like to volunteer at EAGxPrague, please apply for the conference (mention wanting to volunteer in your application) and select the option to volunteer when you register.

For more information email

War in Ukraine

We do not know what the situation is going to be like at the time of the conference (you are welcome to check various forecasting platforms, e.g. Metaculus). However, at the moment, there are very few security concerns in Prague. The Czech Republic is not a neighbouring country to either Ukraine or Russia and the Ukrainian border is over 700 km away from Prague. Czech Republic is a member of NATO which means being in Prague is approximately as risky as being in London.

The Czech Republic is accepting quite large numbers of refugees from the war (~300 000) - you will likely see them traveling on trains from the east and may encounter them around Prague as well.

We will inform you if the situation changes and there are security concerns. Otherwise we expect everyone to decide for themselves based on their risk tolerance.

For more information email


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