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The FTX crash raised a lot of questions in and outside the EA community. 

For many people, it was the first they heard about Effective Altruism. Not a great first impression. It probably didn't motivate many newbies to get involved.

But is that really important? Don't get me wrong what SBF and others did was bad. But is it important to have a good public persona? Does it matter what we look like to "outsiders" if we know are honestly working towards effectively making the world a better place? 

The event will start with lightning talks by different people who have strong opinions on the topic. Afterward, there will be time for open discussions in smaller groups. 


If you or someone you know has strong opinions on the topic and would like to share these [during the meetup,] please contact me at jackberglund29@gmail.com, or here via pm.

Disclaimer: We are not experts on this topic and you also don't have to be an expert to hold a talk :)  We are looking for people with interesting ideas to spark a conversation/discussion! 

WHEN: 13.04.23 from 7pm - 9pm 

WHERE: Müllerstraße 138D, 13353 Berlin, Germany (TEAMWORK)

This will be an open environment to socialize talk and explore new Ideas. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. Please contact me if you have any questions!




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