Faunalytics is hosting a remote symposium, Fauna Connections, for animal advocates on September 8, 2022 starting at 12pm EST. Academics and scientists from the social and behavioral sciences and related disciplines will present on original research that discuss the real-life implications and recommendations for animal advocates in four key areas: farmed animals, companion animals, wild animals, and animals used in science. 

During Fauna Connections, researchers will present their work orally in a 10-minute presentation, followed by a 2-minute Q&A. Breakout rooms will be available after each presentation to continue discussions. We also will have a 30 minute panel discussion from leading experts on diet change and consumer behaviors, and posters from researchers will be showcased as well. The symposium will end with networking sessions for Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority (BIPGM) and LGBTQ+ advocates.

You can view the full schedule of the symposium here, and register to attend this free event here.




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