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Please join us for a London Giving What We Can social picnic on the 30th of July at 12:30pm in Regents Park. (precise location TBD)

The picnic is open to anyone interested in GWWC whether you have already signed a pledge or are curious about effective giving. Bring along some food and maybe a blanket for a nice social afternoon in the sun! (fingers crossed).

There will be spike ball and frisbee for those who fancy a game and feel free to bring games or activities of your own.  You are welcome to bring children along too. 

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Thanks and hope to see you there!




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Morning all, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone later! It looks like it’s 50/50 whether we’ll get rained on but we are keeping calm and carrying on. The plan is to start in Regent’s Park and fall back to Regents Bar and Kitchen for a coffee if the rain does come.

The meeting point is around here:

And If it’s raining when you arrive we’ll be in the cafe / bar next door. See you there from 12:30 onwards 🙂

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