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I run a philosophical guidance practice. Some of my recurring clients are in the EA community. Some of them struggle with meaninglessness. Some have their energy sapped by relationship issues. Others find themselves unable to act for reasons that are hard to nail down. 

Philosophical guidance is a mix of therapy, coaching and philosophical analysis. During sessions, I assist people in making sense of bothersome issues that feel important and intractable. Resolving these issues has allowed my clients to reorient and approach life with renewed agency.

The Effective Altruism community has been through some chocks recently, with popular opinion turning sour in the aftermath of FTX and the Sam Altman incident. My friend Peter Limberg is running a similar practice, and we’ve both seen a recent influx of EAs/rationalists interested in guidance.

LW-style rationalism has greatly influenced my life, and I enjoy inquiring with EAs. I want to assist more EAs to reorient and resolve areas in life where they are stuck. This is a safe-to-fail experiment with a potentially high upside.

Details & Booking

Sessions are held online, and last 60-90min. I keep client names and session details confidential. 

You pay after the session, choosing the amount yourself— I will use this to gauge the value provided by the session. If enough people find it valuable, I might transition to doing EA philosophical guidance full-time.

Do you feel stuck in important ways? Are you bothered by something you struggle to make sense of? You are welcome to schedule a session here

If you have any questions, comment or send me a PM. 

P.S: If this takes off, I will write reports on common issues, in a way that respects the integrity of my clients. In this way, a session with one person might lead to insights and practical steps that turn out to be useful for the rest of the community.




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