Insecurity is striking close to home and endangering the lives of students and faculty at my university. We are unable to attend school, and the situation is worse. I believe it feels different knowing that everything appears to be working against you. Insecurity is exacerbated by poor welfare and a complete lack of research infrastructure. Terrorists are targeting my university community. The University administration's press announcement can be found here. Please spare us some thoughts; at this time, we would appreciate your prayers and good wishes. I'm fatigued and depleted. My monthly wage is $250 USD. The University wants me to use this money to fund my research, pay bills, and publish. The government do not provide you with funds or equipment to do research.  


Despite this, we strive to give students our all. Despite the hard and dangerous environment, as well as poor welfare, I consider it my responsibility to train these students. I see this task, as my act of doing good. To leave or not to quit is an issue of commitment to the cause of altering these students' lives. My spirit is down. Spend some time thinking about us here in Bokkos, Plateau State, Nigeria, and praying for us. Things are becoming more perilous.


Thank you




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I don't blame people for thinking this doesn't really fit on the forum, but I don't understand the downvotes for a heartfelt post from an EA who is facing a terrible situation.

Best wishes. It's incredibly hard to do what you do, and I wouldn't blame you for giving up, so it's really admirable that you keep going.

Thanks for your kind words. For those that found this offensive, I am sorry. I felt overwhelmed by the current situation of things. The other day a student was killed on campus, another raped. Gory sights. What will you do when you see this as passion I.e Impacting knowledge. Yet there is little or nothing to do to help this current situation. Hence the overwhelming feeling. Maybe EA can consider taking the issue of education of students at risk as a cause.

Hi emmannaemeka, I don't know how best to respond to this, but please know that you have my sympathies for you in this situation. I often read news of terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria, and it is a terrible thing to see. I admire that you resist against this and continue providing education!

Thanks for your kind words. I really do need them. The state of things are not really looking good at the moment. Life of students are at risk. The university is shut down at a particular time. The students can’t get quality education. I am looking for ways to help my students not to miss out despite the insecurity. Thank you once again

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