Do you take your physical and mental health seriously? 

If you are trying to secure a good future for humanity, make sure you are also working to secure a good future for your own body and mind too. 

Do you do regular exercise? If not (and you don't have a medical reason not to exercise) spend 5 minutes thinking of actionable ways you could start exercising more, make a plan, and get to work (you can literally do this right now). 

It doesn't have to be perfect. You can start very small and work up. Doing a little consistently is better than trying to do too much and then giving up. Plan to experiment to find what will work best for you, if you don't already know. 

Take another 5 minutes and do the same for the other areas that robustly affect your ability to live a healthy and long life - check in on your diet, your sleep patterns and your stress levels. 

Even if you don't much like yourself, even if you detest physical exercise, even if you are imperfect at keeping to routines or impulse control, and even if you were bad at sports as a kid, this is worth doing. 

The world is a better place with you in it. Be the kind of person who works actively to keep fit and healthy. It matters!




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