Effective altruism and net-positive living

by Moult 1 min read14th Aug 20192 comments


I have written an article on my own approach to effective altruism combined with the concept of net-positive systems. Net-positive systems are designed as living systems that not only consume resources, but produce useful resources for other living things to benefit from.

I experimented with a layman's untrained approach towards simple ballpark calculations on what impact we can make on many different dimensions of our lives, from the carbon we produce, the water we consume, the waste we emit, and the animal cruelty we are part of.

I would appreciate constructive advice, especially if I have made a grave error in my calculations (note that these calculations are meant to be in the ballpark - I am aiming for accuracy, not precision).

Please read here: https://thinkmoult.com/effective-altruism-living-net-positive-life.html