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Applying Effective Altruism?

by Prof.Weird 15d5th Sep 2019No comments


I am new to EA as an exact concept but have lived through altruistic and humanitarian means. I have been homeless to help and help understand the homeless (a sociological construct developed by Jane Addams). More recently, moments ago, infact, I followed the painful bellows of a person pleading to take their own life (as it turns out, they were trying to convince police). Reflecting on these events both planned and sudden, long stints and short moments, I wondered the way altruism can be applied to the different stages of crisis and through what aspects.

A few days ago I asked the EA Forum if altruism should be an academic discipline, now I wonder if it could be also applied as a coaching skill similar to Carl Roger’s person-centred approach, or if it could be applied as a rehabilitation technique. I wonder who would use it, when and how? Any thoughts synthesised from your knowledge of EA?

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