Curious about creating a communication channel for nonprofits and the community to discuss issues

by destinationsound 1 min read11th Jun 20191 comment


Hi, fellow Orgs! I have been working at a nonprofit for a while now and think I realized a huge need for more inclusive communication online. There are plenty of websites that help us fundraise, track donations, and reach out to our current donors (newsletters etc...)

But there is a huge disconnect between the nonprofits and the local community we serve. I work with low-income and/or homeless clients. I can't tell you how many times I hear someone in the community aimlessly expressing concern and not knowing where to find help for their problem while also not having a place online to constructively discuss it.

On the flipside, I always here my office wondering how we can engage the community more, increase donations and gain local support!

So, I feel like there is something missing within the nonprofit community and that more integrated online communication strategies should exist. I mean we have the technology to seamlessly take donations, but we have zero ways to communicate online with our local communities.

I love the website because it helps bring a community together online. I would love to create something like that but around nonprofit supporters, concerned local community members, and nonprofits. To create a place where everyone who interacts with the nonprofit world can talk about solving problems in a collaborative way, then if something gains momentum, come together to fund a solution as a society.

My Idea brainstorm:

Possibly a social website with nonprofit people (employees representing nonprofits), concerned citizens, and nonprofit ambassadors (past donors or volunteers) can discuss local issues.

my initial thoughts would be a community board where the community can post issues they see, then other members along with nonprofit representatives can join the thread and offer solutions.

These are just quick thoughts as I'm still trying to understand exactly what would be a good idea.

I'm curious what all of you think about this and what your ideas are???