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Back after a three-year hiatus, EAGxBoston welcomes members of the effective altruism community to our 2022 conference, featuring networking, speaker events, workshops, and mentorship.

We think this event will be especially useful for students who want to learn more about effective altruism and make connections within the movement.

EAGxBoston 2022 will be happening from 6 pm 1 April to 8 pm 3 April.

Application details

  • Ticket price: $50 (free for students, discounts are available)
  • Application deadline: 21 March 2022

Travel expenses

We are prepared to reimburse travel expenses for some attendees. Please do apply for support if the cost of attending feels a bit too high for your budget. You can apply for financial assistance for your travel expenses in the application form. Please check our FAQs for more details.


When is EAGxBoston happening? Is there a schedule yet?

Programming starts on the evening of the 1st of April and ends on the evening of the 3rd of April. On the Saturday and Sunday, we expect most sessions to happen between 10am-6pm, but the venue will be available a couple hours on either end of that time period for people to meet for 1-1s or to enjoy some food.

Where is EAGxBoston happening?

In Boston. At the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the Seaport District.

Can I volunteer to help with EAGxBoston?

Yes! We’d love some help, both before the event and on the day. You can sign up here.

Will there be food at the conference?

Yes, there will be lots of super tasty and nutritious vegan food at the event. We plan on providing a light breakfast on both days, a hearty lunch on both days, a filling dinner on the Saturday, and provide lots of fun and tasty snacks during the reception on the Friday evening and throughout both Saturday and Sunday.

I have dietary requirements/allergies, should I plan on bringing my own food?

Please get in touch with us ASAP so that we can work together with the caterers to make sure you’re well accommodated.

Can the conference organizers help me book accommodation?

We’ve created a channel on the EA Groups Slack workplace (#eagx-boston-2022) which people can use to coordinate accommodations. We’ve also created this spreadsheet that people can use to share/retrieve accommodations options.

For more information email boston@eaglobalx.org




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