Want a coaching session with me for £15? Book here: https://calendly.com/amber-ace/coaching-calls

I want to try out coaching, so I’m offering cheap sessions to see whether I’m actually good at it and find out more about what it’s like.


Q: What type of coaching are you offering?

I’m open to many things, and I’m partly interested in just seeing in what people want to hire me to do. But here’s a non-exhaustive list of areas where I might have useful thoughts and approaches:

-writing (both the nuts and bolts and the emotional/psychological issues around it)

-internal conflicts and contradictions

-philosophical issues

-relationships, especially poly romantic relationships or other somewhat-unusual structures

-self-care and self-actualisation

I’m totally open to talking about other things that aren’t on this list. I’m also open to suggestions of things that aren’t technically coaching but are in that general area (i.e. I get on a call and help you with a thing).

Q: Have you coached people before? Why do you think you’ll be good at this?

I’ve done a few sessions of writing coaching, and I think they went well. I’ve done a lot of teaching and I think I was good at it. I also have read about and worked on some coaching-like skills such as active listening and non-judgmental problem solving. I do a lot of self-reflection and have always been interested in self-improvement and personal growth, and I think some of my personal reflections, discoveries and meta-strategies will be transferable to others.

Q: Why is it only £15?

Since I’m inexperienced and just trying this out, it didn’t feel fair to charge standard coaching rates.

Q: Why is it as much as £15?

To make it a bit less expensive for me to run this trial; because it seems a slightly better indicator of whether people would eventually pay me standard coaching rates for this; and because I think the sessions might be more informative if they’re with people who are willing to pay for coaching in principle, rather than people who are like ‘eh, why not’.

Q: Can I share this with my friend who's not your friend/not on Facebook?

Yes, absolutely.

*imaginarily-asked questions

I’m happy to answer questions, preferably by DM as I may not check Facebook that frequently. Alternatively, if you’re convinced, feel free to book a session: https://calendly.com/amber-ace/coaching-calls




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