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Instead of posting the negative rant that I drafted yesterday, I have elected to share a few lines from one of my favorite songs[1] of recent months:

May all the beggars be blessed
Like angels with anhedonia
We're all just doing our best

Beggars and billionaires alike can drown themselves in negativity, so if you're drowning like me, hang onto that last line:

We're all just doing our best

Have a ✨fantastic✨ day, and remember that it's not your fault if you don't.

If, like me, you're thinking, "YOU WEIRDO DELETE THIS POST IT'S STUPID," I have one thing to say to you:

nothing can do anything to me! by Allie Brosh

  1. I'm not linking to the song because the rest of the song is kinda dark, and my whole goal here is to make your day better. The last thing I want is to provide ammunition to the negative voices in your heads. If you happen to like negative/dark music, you can search for "Dying Is Absolutely Safe" by Architects. ↩︎




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