I’m seeking input on which of my B-Corporation ideas would have the most positive impact and market demand. I’d be grateful if you took this ~15-30m survey which outlines several ideas at a high level and asks for your feedback. 


I am an entrepreneur with a background in Sustainable Enterprise and an effective altruist who plans to start a B-corporation in the next 6-12 months. I have several business ideas which I am currently researching to see what could make the most positive impact and meet market demands. Something I'm deeply concerned about is creating a company that intends to do good, but does not actually do good in practice (or does a neutral/minimal amount of good). For this reason, from the start, I want to be extremely cautious when considering what business to create, which business model to use, and the metrics by which we would measure success. 

I'm a big fan of 80,000 hours and the Effective Altruism movement. I admire this forum for its thoughtful and evidence-based discourse. I would really like to get this type of feedback on evaluating my various business ideas at this early stage to ensure the overall company vision starts in the right direction. 


The survey is set up in the following format:

  • Section 1: two demographic questions
  • Sections 2-10: each section contains an image describing the business idea at a high level and a handful of questions related to the likelihood for market demand, likelihood for positive impact, and general thoughts.
  • Section 11:  four questions about final thoughts, recommendations, and an optional opportunity to connect with me or be kept in the loop in various capacities going forward


The purpose of this survey is to receive initial high-level feedback on my general ideas so that I can narrow my list to the ones I should flesh out with further research and feedback prior to making a final decision about which to prioritize moving forward. That is to say, from this list of nine ideas, I hope to reduce it to 2-4 ideas that I would further research and request feedback on before narrowing the list to the final idea that I would ultimately pursue. 

Note that I purposely kept the business ideas at a high level because I have dozens of ideas related to the features and other specifics for each one of these ideas, but none of that would matter if the overall direction / intent of the company was not going to either 1) succeed due to lack of market demand or 2) have the potential for massive positive impact (in the spirit of being ambitious, am I dreaming big enough?).

I also purposely kept the monetizing / business model strategies out of this so as to first focus on the benefit, desire for, and potential value of the idea itself rather than the question of how much money the idea could make. Though making enough money to self-sustain and flourish will be crucial and I've looked into this topic myself, I feel the feedback that  would be most useful right now is around validating that the product / service itself as something people would actually want (in other words, there's always a probability of making money - and using that money/business to have a positive impact - if you play your cards right with a good idea, but there's a 0% chance you can make money on something that no one wants or values).

Other Notes

  • The nine ideas in the survey are not the only business ideas I have, but are a subset that I personally like the most and think are most likely to be successful from the surface-level research I've already conducted. Including nine ideas for feedback already seems like a lot, so I didn't want to get too crazy and include more.
  • If you answer "no" to any of the questions about understanding the  idea, it would be particularly helpful if you could describe what was unclear about the idea in the general feedback section and/or what would be more helpful to know about the ideas (I had a hard time with the tradeoff of being concise and staying high-level versus including all of the interesting potential that I see in the idea).
  • Any and all insights you might provide would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.


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