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The practical side of effective altruism

What does it look like when people try to apply the "effectiveness mindset" in the real world? (We'll cover this in more detail later on.)

Effective altruism: Impact

A few examples of ways in which organizations and people in the EA movement are trying to improve the world. (15 mins.)

Effective altruism: Take action

Suggestions for ways to take action on the principles of effective altruism.

Note that one of the top suggestions is "learn more" — we think it really helps to see the big picture before you put a lot of effort into action. But the final part of the handbook is all about action.

Effectiveness can be inspiring

Excited Altruism

Do the methods of effective altruism drain the passion and excitement out of helping others? GiveWell argues that this doesn't have to be the case. (10 mins.)

Most of us are wrong about how the world has changed

A survey from Our World in Data shows that most people are unaware of the progress we've made on extreme poverty and child mortality, and links this phenomenon to widespread pessimism about the world's future. (10 mins.)

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