Insights of an ERA: Impactful Existential Risk Research & Talent Development

The Existential Risk Alliance (ERA), previously known as CERI, was established in 2021 with a mission to grow the field of existential risk (x-risk) research. We achieve this through providing training, mentorship, and funding to junior researchers who are passionate about mitigating existential risks. 

By the end of this summer, our Summer Research Fellowship programme will have supported over 60 research fellows to conduct research in our focus areas, including AI Safety, Biosecurity, Climate, Nuclear, and Misc & Meta. The ultimate goal of the programme is not merely to disseminate knowledge but to cultivate critical thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to addressing the most pressing risks facing humanity this century. Over the next few months, we plan to share insights and best practices learnt specifically from running the ERA Cambridge Fellowship in 2023.