Existential Risk: More to explore

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Collections and resourcesExistential risk
  • The Precipice - Chapter 3 (Natural Risks)
    • How big is the threat to humanity posed by asteroids, comets, supervolcanoes, stellar explosions, and other natural risks? (60 mins.)
    • If you don't have the book, listen to Toby Ord's brief summary of the chapter, starting at 50:46 of this podcast. (4 mins.)
    • You can also see a detailed overview in this lecture video. (1 hour 30 mins.)
  • The Vulnerable World Hypothesis
    • Scientific and technological progress might change people’s capabilities or incentives in ways that would destabilize civilization. This paper introduces the concept of a vulnerable world: roughly, one in which there is some level of technological development at which civilization almost certainly experiences catastrophe by default. (45 mins.)


Global governance and international peace

Climate Change

Nuclear security


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