The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is a British charity that provides funding for mass distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) to populations at high risk of malaria.


In June 2003, Rob Mather, a strategy consultant based in London, decided to organize a swim with two of his friends to raise funds for a girl who had suffered severe burns in a house fire. Over the following months, Mather's initiative grew in size and scope, eventually leading to the creation of World Swim Against Malaria (WSAM), which organized a quarter of a million swims in around 160 countries. In August 2004, Mather set up AMF to handle the money raised through WSAM and to raise funds in ways other than swimming (Against Malaria Foundation 2010; Against Malaria Foundation 2021d). 

As of September 2021, AMF continues to operate mostly as it did when it first launched. Although registered as a charity in 12 countries, AMF has no offices, but is run from the back room of Mather's house (Mather 2020)....

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