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I think this should just be called books, analogously to the video or audio tags (though those are partly for posts that can be consumed as video or audio). 


  • This tag's name implies that these are EA books, i.e. books directly focused on EA or EA topics and/or written by EAs. 
    • The description says otherwise, but that conflicts with the name. 
    • Likewise, I wouldn't call a course on politics in China an "effective altruism course", even if it's EA-relevant and a summary/takeaways post on the Forum would be useful.
  • And I think that that's problematic both because it's confusing and because it could seem weird, insular, or like "claiming ownership". 
    • Which are actually in a way exactly the sort of tendencies many of these posts help push against - these posts are often among the best examples of going out to learn what non-EAs have to say on topics and then bring that knowledge into EA.

Good point. I renamed it and slightly edited the content.