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I'm going to remove the world "global" from the name of this entry/tag and from some parts of the text, because:

  • Ord just uses the term "dystopia" without the term "global"
  • These dystopias may be more than just global
    • I.e., civilization may spread to other planets, solar systems, or galaxies, and those places my be dystopic in the ways discussed in this entry
    • In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if that were more likely than them being just global
    • Thus, calling them "global" might misleadingly cause people to imagine that these sorts of futures necessarily involve mostly just staying on Earth, or that we intend this entry to be solely about such futures

But maybe there was a good reason to use the word "global", and other people are of course welcome to reply with counterpoints and/or undo the changes I made.

I think the main counterpoint that comes to mind is that "dystopia" has sci-fi baggage, so including pretty much any other word alongside it could help highlight that we have a specialised meaning in mind and are not just vaguely talking about sci-fi stuff. But if that's the rationale, it seems better to say "unrecoverable dystopia", since that's the main thing EAs have had in mind when talking about dystopias, and is the term prominently used by Ord in the main source for this entry.

Thanks, I think the change makes sense. I hadn't realized that "global" could be objectionable for being insufficiently expansive in its scope, but that's a good point.