Food Fortification Initiative

Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) is an organization that focuses on reducing micronutrient deficiencies by helping country leaders plan, implement and monitor fortification programs.


A review by GiveWell concluded that effective micronutrient fortification programs could be as cost-effective as their top-rated programs. Due to difficulties in assessing FFI's causal role in implementing their programs, however, GiveWell has not attempted an explicit cost-effectiveness analysis of this organization's impact.

Because of these uncertainties, GiveWell rated FFI a standout charity—an organization with exceptional potential for impact which does not fully meet all of the criteria to be rated a top charity. As GiveWell believes that further research is unlikely to resolve these uncertainties, it does not plan to conduct additional investigations on FFI for the time being.[1] FFI was a standout charity from 2016 to 2021, when that designation was discontinued. 

Further reading

GiveWell (2016) Food Fortification Initiative, GiveWell, September (updated March 2017).

Food Fortification Initiative. Official website.

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