Global catastrophic biological risk

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To what extent is this tag redundant with the Biosecurity tag?

I don't mean to say that those two tags cover the same thing, but are there posts that would get this tag and not the "Biosecurity" tag? Or vice-versa?

I suppose the first category could be "posts that describe risks but not strategies to address them", and the second could be "posts that describe biosecurity work against non-catastrophic threats". Not sure whether those edge cases merit having two separate tags.

Yeah, I think there's considerable overlap. I'll try to take a closer look in the coming days and make a proposal.

Okay, after having taken a quick look, I think the situation has a rough parallel in AI, with biosecurity corresponding to AI safety and global catastrophic biological risks (partly) corresponding to existential risk from artificial intelligence (see discussion here, where alternatives for the latter are proposed). So my view is that we should confine most of the substantive discussion to the GCBR article, and only cover non-catastrophic risks under biosecurity (e.g. antimicrobial resistance).