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I included Charity Entrepreneurship in Related entries because that's another example of an EA incubator for charities or altruistic projects, and that seems to be an uncommon type of thing, so it seems worthwhile for each entry to point to the other one. But I guess there's some chance readers would assume these links are implying the two orgs are formally associated or share staff or something? (And that'd be bad, because that's false, as far as I'm aware.)

Yeah, I think ideally the entry listed under 'Related entries' should be 'charity incubator', but we don't have such an article (maybe we should?). FWIW, when I saw 'Charity Entrepreneurship' listed there I did assume the two were related, so I'd be weakly inclined to remove the link.

Ok, I've now removed CE from Related entries. You're just one data point, but that's still one out of one people other than me drawing the inference I worried they might draw, so that seems sufficient evidence for a removal.


Regarding a charity incubator entry: I originally wrote: "I think that seems fairly clearly worth having if there are at least 3 EA-aligned ones (so this, CE, and one more), or if there are these 2 plus at least a couple posts proposing there be more or discussing non-EA ones or the like. Do you know if that's the case?" 

But then I remembered at least two other examples of nearby things: GiveWell incubation grants and Rethink Priorities looking to hire an executive director for an invertebrate welfare project that would then be spun out of the org. (Disclaimer: I haven't followed the Rethink thing closely; for all I know, it's possible the plan has changed slightly or that I'm misrepresenting it or something.) And there've been some other instances of one EA org kind-of incubating or spinning out another. So it seems to me such a tag is indeed warranted, but that it might be better called "charity incubation". So I'm now making that entry (and will add it to related entries here).

So nice suggestion :)

I'm not aware of much public info on this yet, and some of the older posts/links seem to use a different name or not even use a capitalised name than that used in the May 2021 LTFF payout report. But someone could still add body text based on the handful of existing links, and the entry name can be changed in future if need be.