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Should this tag also be applied to posts which simply quote the abstracts/summaries from research papers/articles/reports originally published outside the EA Forum, rather than providing an original, distinct summary? 

E.g., a linkpost of a very long EA-relevant government report, which quotes the executive summary from that report and doesn't say much else?

Maybe this tag's scope should be broadened so it covers posts about the value of or best practices for making research summaries?


See also my suggestion of making an entry/tag on "research distillation" or "research debt".

I think that this tag's scope should be expanded to include summaries of content that was originally/also published on the Forum, but where the summary is a separately written, shorter thing. (So not just a case where someone makes a linkpost which features an executive summary.) Examples of what I have in mind include:

I might make this change myself in a week or so if no one objects. But I wanted to give a chance for people to push back on the idea.

(Disclaimer: Jason and Neil are my colleagues at RP, but I'm writing this in a personal capacity rather than as an RP employee, and I'm pretty sure I'd think this is a good idea even if I didn't work at RP.)