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Michael, since you work there, would you mind expanding the article slightly? Specifically, I don't quite understand what "informing decisions" means in the first sentence. I assumed from the description on their website that RP was primarily doing research related to animal welfare and existential risk, but I don't know if "informing decisions" means simply that they do research that is decision-relevant (in the same sense that e.g. GiveWell's research is decision-relevant), or if something else is meant by that expression.

I expect I and/or other people at RP could indeed expand this entry.

Do you have one or more examples of good entries on orgs which we could somewhat mimic (e.g., in terms of structure, length, and which type of info to provide)?

Great. All the existing entries are works in progress and don't conform to a particular template, but maybe this one or this one might provide some guidance?