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I suggest changing the name and scope to "United States government and politics". E.g., I think there should be a place to put posts about what actions the US government plans to take or can take, how it's thinking, how to influence that, how useful that is, etc. And it seems like this entry's name wouldn't currently naturally cover that, but I think this entry should cover that, suggesting the name should be broadened.

I lean towards the view that this tag should be renamed United States and the posts tagged with it be also tagged with either Electoral politics or Policy (or both). We have tags for other countries (China, India, Russia, Ukraine) and, in general, it seems better to use a conjunction of two tags to classify posts about politics or politics in a particular country than to have dedicated tags for each of these combinations.

Okay, I'm going ahead with the change. The migration (including the associated tagging) should be complete within the next 24 hours.

I think the name of this tag suggests that one of its focuses, or perhaps the main one, should be things like how to influence US politics and how useful that is. E.g., whether people should aim for jobs in congress or US think tanks and how to do so. I propose that the description be changed to reflect that.